Reigniting a passion

Reigniting my passion for books has been so welcoming. I can honestly say that it has been years since I’ve been able to finish a book from beginning to the end. Yes… Life happened. Honestly between two young kids and work and family. I just never felt like i had the time. Yes we have audio books but nothing still beats the joy of being able to read for yourself.

I have many books that I have started and never completed. as i was sitting scrolling through social media I thought to myself there could be a better way for me to spend my time. I picked up a book and I have not been able to stop. It feels great.

I feel like i’m re-discovering myself again.

I find myself drawn to books about creatives and their entrepeneurial journeys. All the while trying to gain knowledge and draw from their experience.

I’m on a journey myself. One that is hard to put into words, maybe because im yet to understand the journey itself.  Right now I keep striding forward

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