Refreshing Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus flower

Have you recently decided to cut down on consuming sweet drinks? If you have decided to recently cut down on sweet drinks I promise you  hibiscus iced tea is a drink you are going to love consuming this summer and you get to make it for yourself and show off to your guests that you really are serious about getting your health right.

Sugar is such an addictive product and I know how hard it is to give up, that is why I want to help you curb your cravings with healthier alternatives to juice or soda. If you are having trouble with reducing your sugar intake please, please do not be so hard on yourself. It will take time but slowly and surely as you start to eat better, you will also start craving for healthier food and drink choices as well.

One of the things I would like for you to get in the habit of doing is knowing why you are consuming the foods and drinks you eat. Get into the habit of asking yourself what benefit you are getting from the food and drinks you consume, just like friends ask yourself are they adding benefit or are they derailing you health wise. Do your research and be an active consumer.

Hibiscus is such a great plant, beautiful to adorn and even better to consume for the reasons below:

  • One of the best health benefits of hibiscus tea comes from its antioxidants. The antioxidant levels found in hibiscus tea is comparable to those found in red wine, which is known to have a positive effect on cardiac health.
  • Studies have shown that hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure, especially in individuals who have mild hypertension. Individuals who drink two or more cups of hibiscus tea daily for one month can effectively lower their systolic blood pressure.
  • Another great health benefit of hibiscus tea comes from the fact that it is incredibly high in vitamin C and has several minerals. The essential nutrients found in hibiscus tea boost the immune system, helping the body ward off infections and illnesses.
  • Weight management is another one of the many health benefits of hibiscus tea. That’s because this tea blocks amylase, which is an enzyme that breaks down starches into sugars. Because hibiscus blocks this enzyme, a reduced amount of sugars will be absorbed into the body, prompting weight loss.


4 Tbsp Hibiscus Tea

1 cinnamon stick

6 cups of water

Fresh Mint leaves

1 Orange

1 Lemon

1/2 cup strawberries

4 Tbsp Honey or coconut palm sugar


Boil the water, hibiscus and cinnamon sticks together for at least 10 minutes. Add the honey or sugar and stir. Let the hibiscus cool down and transfer to your pitcher add sliced oranges and lemon as well as the mint and strawberries. Let the drink chill in the refrigerator. When ready to serve add some ice and serve. Enjoy!

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