3 Key Beauty Eating Principles

I wanted to share with you some beauty eating principles that I have learned on my journey to eating right.

The main one is, energy . Energy will be your ultimate key to losing weight easily and permanently. Energy is so important because it helps you;

  • Regenerate your liver and other tissue cells
  • Flushes toxic waste from the body
  • Helps maintain your ideal weight
  • Helps keep your skin smooth and hair healthy

The truth is the more energy you have, the more youthful vibrant and beautiful you look and feel.

Now, what takes up the most of your energy? Digestion. Digestion is the key to elevating you beauty to a whole different ball game. We therefore want to focus on foods that give you energy. The more easily you digest foods, the more energy your body will have to clean out old material from your body and perform other essential processes that will keep you looking beautiful. Toxic waste piles up faster when you are not digesting your food well.

The key will be, learning how to get rid of waste in our bodies to allow digestion to function most efficiently.

I do not want you focusing on diets, calories, carbs.

The foods we will start focusing on will be mineral, enzyme and fiber rich. The foods will cleanse and unclog waste from your body so that your body can absorb the right nutrients most effectively. It took you a long time to build up toxic waste ion your body, so please allow yourself time to get rid of it. It will require being kind to your body, learning new eating habits, your body adjusting to the change in foods. We will work on it being a gradual and continuous process as opposed to instantaneous results. In fact if you change your diet too quickly to something different you could fall ill.

The main things we will focus on:

Eating more vegetables and fewer animal products

Drinking a green smoothie everyday

Giving up dairy slowly.

If you have noy tey signed up to receive emails from me regarding ways to eat healthy and recipes for plant based foods. please go ahead and sign up at the bottom of this page. Also please feel free to ask me questions you may have regarding transitioning to a plant based lifestyle.

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