Sweet Tooth – You have to try this guilty free pleasure

So this weekend I was craving something sweet…and I knew I was going to get something I would regeret. I did not want to feel guilty about what I ate. Don’t you hate it when that happens. You feel so guilty after you indulge in your guilty pleasure. You then go ahead down the rabbit hole and just finish the whole bag of cookies. Well you don’t have to with this one. This raw starwberry cake is filled with so much wondefuly nutrious ingredients. you wont be able to finish it. My husband loved this cake so much, and he didnt have to scoff it all down. It was filling cause it’s so wonderfully fibrous, so you actually get full real fast, you dont even crave more. This is what we are aiming to make today (see picture below).

Afronomadic’s raw strawberry cake
Afronomadic’s Raw Starwberry Cake Preparation
Deliciousness all through!!!

Total time: 3 hours

Ingredients (crust and topping):

3 cups of nuts of your choice (I made this with brazil nuts)

2 cups dates

1 tsp lime

1 tsp allspice powder

pinch of salt

The Filling

4 cups of strawberries diced and divided into half.

2 tsp lime juice

1/4 cup cocnut oil

1-1/2 cup dates or dried fig


Make the crust by putting dates and nuts in a food processor or blender and pulse it until it has a crumble texture. Press in mixture into a loaf pan lined with wax paper, making sure to leave some to drizzle on top of the cake later.

Now make the starwberry filling by adding the starwberries (leave some for the topping), lime juice and dates into a high powered blender until its thick and creamy. Now add the coconut oil and blend again. Now pour the strawberry blend onto the crust and spread evenly. Set the cake in the freezer for 2 hours. Add the crust mixture on top and garnish with fresh strawberries before serving.


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