The story behind MyAfroNomadic Woman.

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For a while I had been feeling rather low about life and I could not put into words how I felt. I was going through life…but almost in a daze. I was sad, frustrated and just angry at life. I was sad that my life was not what I wanted and planned it to be 10 years ago. I was mourning the person I thought I could be and therefore not embracing the person that I am now. While experiencing all these feelings God had me thinking about Nomads. I thought to myself, Nomads? What about Nomads?

I thought about a Nomads lifestyle. Nomads are by definition a member of a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another. Similar to my lifestyle. I had moved around in my lifetime so much and as you can imagine it does not leave much room to settle down and get to know a place and its people and maintain long contacts. Now at one point I loved that lifestyle but now I just felt lost, alienated and confused in a foreign land. It was no longer just about me, I now had a family and the lifestyle of moving around made me want some stability and just be normal. Cultivate friendships that I could maintain and not just acquaintances. I just felt like I was falling apart.

I continued to think of a definition of a nomad and all that it encompasses. Nomadism is a way of adapting to conditions that are not capable of sustaining a community in a sedentary lifestyle. Many nomads raise livestock, when the yields go down, the nomads move on. You see here that the need to adapt as a nomad is of vital importance. I felt like God was asking me learn how to adapt in my new environments like a nomad. The nomadic lifestyle can be applied in various aspects of your life, when you look at your faith, your relationship with food, your relation with God, how to take care of yourself. All these aspects of your life are constantly evolving and changing. The reason for this is because it’s the only way to survive, to grow and thrive. Otherwise life would be stagnant, the same, dull and boring. Like a nomad you need to keep moving. You have to explore, you have to be curious about yourself and your surroundings in order to know yourself better. You have to reach beyond your sphere of influence in order to grow. There is more for you out there but you have to reach out and achieve it. As much as I was moving, I had settled into complacency. I had accepted my new life as it is and just given up essentially. My drive had gone. Thinking of life from the point of view of a nomad was such a mind blowing moment because it was so obvious…yet for some reason I had not looked at my life that way.

So I created this blog for the nomadic woman. If you ask me who a nomadic woman is, I’ll tell you she is:

  • A woman who longs to be accepted as they are.
  • A woman who thrives from being different and unique in their own light.
  • A woman who embraces change even if it means being uncomfortable.
  • A woman who aims to be better mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • A woman wo seeks connection with other women who are not necessarily like her, but who are different, so she herself can learn new things
  • A woman who wants to make new and different choices and is not comfortable with the status quo.
  • A woman who is learning that she is more courageous than she imagined, with every bold step that she takes.
  • A woman who longs to share and write her own story, without any filter, flaws and all. She realizes her vulnerability makes her powerful. She does not wait for perfection, because she is imperfectly perfect.
  • A woman who is kind to herself every time she looks at herself in the mirror and stares back at herself. No longer seeking approval from the rest of the world.
  • A woman who searches for herself in others by admiring traits that others appear to represent and epitomize, only to realize she is who she has been looking for all this time.
  • A woman who finally hold her head up high and celebrates herself.

Now that you know what a nomadic woman is to me, please share with me what makes you a nomadic woman.

2 Replies to “The story behind MyAfroNomadic Woman.”

  1. Not sure why I ended up here today but I am glad I did. I too have considered myself a nomad but I don’t think I have ever really sat and explored why? Reading this post today was an awakening for me for how I’ve been feeling lately but couldn’t describe.

    Being a nomadic woman for me means being in constant growth and shedding of all skins that no longer fit.
    – Just thinking of the metamorphic experience this entails, the pain of growing a new skin, the weight of the old skin as it slowly sloths off me. The beauty of it all being that I’m not even aware that this process is happening until I look behind me or someone points out the carcass of the shed skin.
    Being nomadic means trusting in the rhythms of life while striving to remain rooted in the now and discerning the rise and fall of patterns and knowing when it’s time to pick up and move on.


    1. Oh my goodness….i love love love this. I can relate to it on so many levels but your description is just so moving and evokes such great imagery!!!I’m so glad you stumbled upon my page and hope we get to interact more. Cannot wait to see more of what you have to unearth!!


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