7 different ways you can learn to detox the mind.

What thoughts occupy your mind daily. Are they positive and encouraging thoughts or are you constantly filled with worry, fear, anxiety and stress. I’ll be the fist to admit. For me it sometimes is the latter, especially after being a Mom. I’m a nurturer and I’m always concerned for my family, worry for my friends and loved ones. Sometimes it takes a toll. I end up worn out and frustrated.

Recently I have been reminded that I’m not in the journey on my own and neither are you. We have our heavenly Father, who asks us to cast our burdens on Him. He has never told you, you have to do it alone. I’m a person who always needs to be in control and so sometimes, its hard to let go and let God. You have to remember that these negative thoughts can cause damage to you, the same way toxins in your body can cause toxic waste. Toxic thoughts affect your attitude, your confidence and your self-esteem. It’s therefore imperative that you guard your mind and thoughts. Get a mental detox. How ?

  • Dwell on what God says about you and your situation.
  • Go on a fast from negative thinking, condemnation, a fast for “you can’t do it” thoughts.
  • Forgive yourself and let go of disappointments.

Way to begin your mental detox:

  • Be intentional with your day by starting each day by declaring that it will be a great day.
  • Expect God’s favor.
  • Remind yourself that you have the grace to get through disappointments and that God is in control
  • Make your mind up to be happy and enjoy the day.

What are some of the ways you find effective for detoxing your mind?

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